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Designed by professionals, handmade for your kitchen.

MADE IN THE USA with US steel and local hardwood handles.

I've been a farrier (horse shoer) since 1980, and around 2005 I developed a knife for my fellow farriers that has proven popular all over the world. However, it became a bit of a family joke that all the knives in our kitchen were useless! How can a guy who makes knives suffer so much with culinary endeavors?

Fast forward to today, and with the help of my chef friends Josh Bard and Jack Pickett from Phoenix Table + Bar, in Stowe, Vermont, the JH Forge chef knives were born. Josh and Jack's professional expertise helped me create these balanced, sharp, and comfortable knives. All are handmade in Pawlet, Vermont, with high quailty steel and local hardwood handles. Let me know if I can answer any questions.

this is a link to my hoof knife web site.

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